Facility Use

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Our church desires that it’s members and friends make full use of the rooms and the facility that are available.  Listed below are policies and fees for the use of the church facilities.
(Since the church is a non-profit entity, charges are not intended to provide income to the church but are structured to cover the cost of utilities, church equipment use, custodial set-up/take-down/cleaning/maintenance for facility.

Some activities, deemed normal use, will not be charged for custodial care.)


  • When rooms are in use, they should be used in a manner befitting the church surroundings.  Absolutely no church property may be loaned from the church outside of old tables and folding chairs (must be reserved prior to loaning). Bells will not be removed from the church unless under the supervision of the bell choir director or their designated representative.  The church secretary should be alerted to their removal beforehand.
  • Outside groups renting the church, need to discuss with office personnel what equipment they will need.  All groups using any part of the church are expected to clean up after the activity and leave the furniture, etc. as they found it unless directed otherwise.  Supplies in the Sunday school rooms are not to be used.  If rooms are not left as stated, we reserve the right to charge accordingly for the additional custodial hours used to clean-up, as well as the cost of any damages of the church property.  Anyone misusing the church property will have their privileges revoked.
  •  Groups are expected to confer directly with the church secretary / Pastor or regarding the number of tables and chairs needed, and the timing for when such a set-up should be complete.

Building Rules:

  •     Groups are asked to respect the room assignments and to be confined to the rooms they have reserved.
  •     No Smoking inside or outside the church facilities or church property.
  •     Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted inside or outside the church property.
  •     Supplies in Sunday school rooms are not for group use.
  •     Please leave the space as you found it, or better.
  •     Supervision of children is mandatory.
  •     Please contact the church office if your plans have changed.

Kitchen Use Procedures

Kitchen facilities are available to United Methodist Church Casa Grande organizations and approved outside groups.

Any church group desiring to use the church kitchen should designate one member as their representative to communicate with the Church Custodian. This representative is responsible for:

  • Understanding the use of kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning, air drying and storing all dishes and utensils
  • Washing all counter tops and work areas with cleanser
  • Cleaning all leftovers out of the refrigerator
  • Using only items purchased specifically for the groups’ use
  • Cleaning spills
  • Sweeping floors
  • Checking all appliances to make sure they are turned off
  • Communicating any problems with the Church Office.
  • Remove all garbage
  • Replace garbage cans with clean bags


  • Reused cardboard boxes
  • Reused plastic bags (including shopping bags) for taking food out to a person or taking dirty clothes home to launder.
  • Reused paper bags for taking food out to a person leaving facility

Any group or individual using an outside caterer should be provided with a copy of these rules, and must complete a Facilities Use Request Form. In addition to the above captioned guidelines, the caterer must:

  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance naming First United Methodist Church as an additional insured party
  • Use no church foods on hand
  • Clean the kitchen, to include leaving no leftovers